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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 13, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> a court in egypt ordered a retrial for hosni mubarak. this is how jazeera live from =doha -- doha. remembering the victims of a sunken cruise ship one year after the accident in italy. as pollution in beijing goes off of the scale, 20 million residents are being urged to stay indoors. tba --
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wonach's former leader has a -- egypt's former leader has won a retrial. our reporter is live in cairo. both mubarak and the prosecutors have won an appeal for a retrial. both parties wanted this. is that unusual? >> no, it is not unusual at all. this court is known to be a meticulous establishment. it looks at the procedures of the previous court, of the prosecution, and it does throw out previous convictions on procedural grounds. this does not come as a surprise at all. this means hosni mubarak will be having a fresh, new trial in
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which both files -- both sides can introduce new evidence. >> what was the court's's problem but the prosecution last time? what measures will be taken to ensure they have been stronger case this time? >> the court session today was quite brief. we will be keeping an eye to see what explanation the court has as to why it threw out the previous conviction. that has yet to be announced. there have been interesting developments happening in the past few days in egypt. there was a new fact-finding commission that was formed by president morsi. they have completed the report looking into the crimes of the new revolution.
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the office to protect the resolution -- revolution was formed. the office is promising to look into the crimes, drinking in this important report. authorities -- bringing in this important report. the contents of the details of the report have not been made public yet. >> thank you. the government in mali says 11 people have died and 60 have been injured since it launched a military offensive against rebels. one french pilots have died and another is missing. this is our report. >> this is the mauling -- malian capital. fighting continued for a second day.
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they are trying to ensure the security of french nationals in the city. the rebel advance has been halted. the government committed to supporting the malian army. it is threatening the whole of western africa. islamic law in the country managed to push back malian troops. sources told al jazeera that rebels have their eyes set on a town that will and the control of an airport. many had been waiting for the economic community of west africa to stop the rebels. french sources are facing a task. within hours of announcing
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military operations, there were new reports of french casualties. >> in the new fighting, one of our pilots was killed. he was sent to the medical center before dying of his injuries. >> they are confident they will defeat the rebels. an immediate deployment has been authorized. there is a sense of on these. many support intervention, but they say the presence of foreign troops in mali will only worsen the situation. they say help from outside is unavoidable if the rebels have to be stopped in their traps. -- teracks. -- tracks. >> the face of a secret agent who was captured is still unclear.
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the french defense ministry says he was presumed dead. the group al shabaz says he is being held alive. there was another gang rape on public transport. the victim was a 29-year-old woman from the womanpunjab state. -- the number -- northern punjab state. israeli police have removed palestinian and international activists who are camped out protesting against new israeli settlements. it wants to build 3000 homes in and occupy a portion of the west bank. >> it was a swift and uncompromising he fiction. a nighttime raid by israeli
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police in the early hours of sunday ended in the protests against plans settlement building in the west bank. activists camp out for two days. some protesters tried to resist while the police searched tensed for people -- tents for people. >> they allow israeli to stay here. they are not allowing palestinians, who are non-mile run. are non-violent. >> it took place after a government court order was handed out. this was an illegal place for them to be.
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>> the settlement in question lies in the east of jerusalem. thousands of homes are planned for a settlement in the area. palestinians say it will be a huge blow to territorial integrity of the west bank. the camp, called a village, attracted protesters and international solidarity activists. it is a new tactic of protest against israeli settlements. activists say they will continue to occupy such areas in the future. this sudden eviction has been a clear message from the israeli government that such activity will be put down by force. >> italy has condemned an attack by gunmen in the libyan city of benghazi. a consul was fired upon as he
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traveled through benghazi, but was not injured. a foreign minister described the attack as an attempt to destabilize the new libya. government troops are fighting for control in syria. this video shows a nearby town with government jets bombing the area. another area in the north has been almost destroyed by government jets. the opposition members say it has been reduced by rebel -- rubble by army shelling. arab league foreign ministers are meeting in cairo to discuss the refugees in the area. tens of thousands of people have also fled to egypt. we have this report.
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>> two months ago, this man may be hardest decision of his life. he sold his car in damascus, that some clothes, and flew to cairo. he took his wife and daughter, but could not afford to take the rest of the family. >> i lost my factory. everything we had in syria, we lost. i am afraid of the regime and what is happening. >> mahomet is 20 years old. he left syria because tv -- muhammed is 20 years old. he left syria because he was afraid. the united nations estimates that more than 100,000 syrian refugees have fled to egypt since march 2011. 13,000 have registered, but the u.n. expects the number to triple by june. tens of thousands of syrian refugees live and work here.
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many of them arrived with very little money. they used the money to pay to live in refugee camps. they have been offered health care and education at the same rate as the egyptians. they are also allowing the sun -- visa extensions. >> as the crisis extends, people run out of money. we see more and more families that are just not able to cope. we have seen families living on the street. >> these refugees say they want to go back home as soon as possible. as the violence in syria continues, it can only wait and pray that the families they left behind are safe. >> making farms more efficient. a new program that aims to improve production for south
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africa's supermarkets. >> i will be telling you why millions of devout hindus have arrived on the river ganges. >> hello. we have some optimism across australia. more klaus clouds. no great amount of rainfall. but the rain coming in all -- from the southeast part of the country. a few light showers pushing up toward the gold coast. it looks like it is going to stay dry. the line of rain will be -- to bring some showers into the
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region. an ecosystem here pulling showers down toward the northern parts the would-a nice little system pulling showers down toward -- a nice little shot our -- shower moving down toward the north and parts of the country. that is what we are looking at in doha.
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>> good to have you with us. the top stories on al jazeera. hosni mubarak has been granted a retrial.
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french soldiers are fighting al qaeda-linked rebels in mali. french soldiers have reportedly stopped to the rebel advance in mali. police in an indian state have arrested five men for allegedly gang raping a 29 year old woman. a 23-year-old student was brutally gang rape and assault on a bus. of how wea reminder got to this point. thousands took to the streets to protest against mubarak. three days later, the army was deployed against protesters. on february 2, demonstrators in tahrir square were attacked by government supporters on camel
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and was back. 18 days into the protests and after 800 people -- supporters on camel and horseback. hosni mubarak was sentenced to life for failing to stop the killings. a professor at the university of cairo joins us. what does this verdict mean. well mubarak and his eighth speech i from the beginning? -- aides be tried from the beginning. ? >> it appears that mubarak and all of those who have been convicted will have to be retried from the beginning. what this ultimately will mean is that any sentence they get cannot be more harsh than the one they already got, which was life imprisonment. it is possible they can get a
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verdict of innocence. >> out important to you think it is that the second trial will go ahead with the same evidence that was debated at the first try a? ? -- trial? >> he said evidence to try mubarak and his co-conspirators will be used in the new trial. it will be a fact finding in -- fact-finding with evidence from the first child. > -- trial. the charges will remain the same. the problem is that because it
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is hard to prove those charges, since the crime they are facing is preventing the killings of protesters during the 18 days of the revolution, that would mean the act requirement in the crime would have to be shown beyond a reasonable doubt. in this case, that poses a problem for the criminal attorneys trying to convince mubarak and his aides. >> you are in cairo. what has been the reaction? >> so far, it seems there has not been an outburst we action -- reaction.
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i think you do have those who are sympathetic to the old regime somehow. those who stand opposed to morsi and the islamists are those who believe mubarak's rei gn over egypt in 30 years were not as bad in retrospect. it is hard to determine if that is just nostalgia and their disfavor with the current regime or the current political advancements or whether they actually do sink mubarak should be child in should be held accountable -- should be held accountable for his crimes the
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with-do think mubarak should be held accountable -- do think mubarak should be held accountable for his crimes. pollution levels are much higher than traditional labels are able to record. we have the details. >> a choking, almost invisible city. the chinese capital is cloaked in smog. these streets are practically empty. the residents are heeding the government alert to stay indoors. like winds are preventing the pollutants from dispersing. there is a concentration of tiny particles in the air. the typical index rose from zero-100. it is a good when the index closed below 50.
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levels have gone off of the charts. they are not recording readings above 700. the severe conditions are being blamed on a variety of usual suspects. more traffic, polluting factories, and coal burning. it is the long-term facts that have campaigners were read. -- worried. >> we need 10 to 20 years for better air quality. that is a whole generation. people are petitioning for a quicker timetable for blue skies. >> nearby provinces are also shouted. there has been forced to note what-there have been forced closures of several highways. -- there have been forced
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closures of several highways. >> more than 50,000 demonstrators have taken to the streets of taipei to protest against the china-friendly policies of taiwan's's president. it is the largest government action since he was reelected last year. they are demanding a pro-china consortium be stopped from making newspapers. the main opposition is the democratic progressive party. the mistake is in russia have taken to the streets to protest recent changes to adoption laws. rioting police and trucks were established along the protest route. vladimir putin signed a law prohibiting americans to adopt
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russian children. toyota has released inmates -- join jeff has released inmates. it was-- georgia has released inmates. jail terms have been reduced for 12,000 inmates. it has spent a year since the costa concordia sunk off of the force the west coast of italy. the prosecution -- some cut off of the coast of italy. theoday's events marking first anniversary of the disaster began with the placing of the rocks that ripped open the ship's hull.
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the victim's families later read -- laid wreath's. a local priest became something of a hero for the way he welcomed in the cold, freezing, and traumatized people and comforted and calmed them. i spoke to a couple who were on their honeymoon with their 10 month old child. they came back to thank the people live up to them in their time of need, who gave them dry clothes and shelter. later, 32 lanterns will be lit in memory of the victims who did not survive. behind me, the salvage operation continues. it is the biggest and most complex the world has ever seen. the timetable for removal has slipped a bit. islanders are hoping the ships will be done by the end of
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september. >> a court in south africa has approved the acquisition of a local retail giant. the company must set up a fund to help local businesses after the merger. >> he is being mentored. his small harvests is passed to one of the biggest global food supply chains through walmart. he has learned plenty in the past few months. >> things planted by june, not september nelson and his brother -- planted by june, not september. >> the farming project is a
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partnership. the aim is to have 30% of small produce grown by small firms. >> we hope they will be able to be strong and stand by themselves. >> the merger has critics from government and outside, including the biggest trade union group. >> our fear is this will come to dominate the retail market. it will have an adverse affect on other competitors, the big retail chains. >> those resources will be
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barely dented by a recent court judgments. money has been set aside, 25 -- 250,000 dollars. the court may have ordered the level of funding for it to be doubled. opponents of the merger will take some convincing that walmart's our arrival in south africa is good for farming year and good for the retail market. >> some news just coming in now. we are getting reports that a roadside bomb in pakistan has killed 17 soldiers and wounded 22 others. we will have more on that as we get it. pilgrims are that area in northern india for an event held every 12 years. it is the largest gathering of
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hindus in the world. our reporter is in the city where millions are affected by the two month festival. >> these are just some of the early arrivals. early arrivals.
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